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The line of Panettoni and Pandori Ore
Liete comes from the ancient recipes of
our master confectioners.


The secret of the goodness of the Panettoni and Pandori Ore Liete is all in the high quality ingredients worked with care and passion as in time gone by. Inside them a soft, fragrant and highly digestible heart beats thanks to the use of the yeast that is daily refreshed and regenerated.

Ingredients first of all

Every Ore Liete product is made using first quality ingredients.
A meticulous research to guarantee a unique result.


Mother Yeast

The Basic element of all naturally leavened products Ore Liete; the true strength around which the whole Panettoni and Pandori production process revolves, daily refreshed and regenerated by hand with love and skill from our confectioners.
The yeast develops to create a unique dough combined with flours of the highest quality, so as to guarantee a soft and fragrant result.

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…the time

Another ingredient necessary to make every Panettone and Pandoro take life is the time. Two days are necessary to make that every Panettone and Pandoro take life, time that it is worth waiting to taste a product that since its first taste transmits quality and wealth of ingredients.