Gift box 350gr.
Contrasto with Coconut bag 200gr.
Contrasto Dark bag 200gr.
Rosso di Sera – filled with Pomegranate and Black Cherry Jam Bag 200gr.
Contrasto Bag 200gr.
Batida bag 200gr
Fiorellino bag 200gr.
Milk baghetta tray 100g
Coconut baghetta tray 100g
Lemon cream-filled biscuits
Hazelnut cream-filled biscuits
Cocoa cream-filled biscuits
Apricot jam-filled biscuits
Apple jam-filled biscuits
Red berry-filled biscuits
Croissants with custard cream filling
Croissants with apricot filling
Croissants with cherry filling
Croissants with chocolate cream filling
Traditional Croissants