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Fancy your favourite treat in the middle of the night? Why wait for tomorrow morning? Any time is the right time to be tempted by Ore Liete.
Gift box 350gr.
Box 450gr.
Contrasto with Coconut bag 200gr.
Contrasto Dark bag 200gr.
Rosso di Sera – filled with Pomegranate and Black Cherry Jam Bag 200gr.
Contrasto Bag 200gr.
Fiorellino bag 200gr.
Milk baghetta tray 100g
Coconut baghetta tray 100g
Cocoa and Chocolate
Fruits of the Forest
9 Grain and Orange
High in Fibre
Lemon cream-filled biscuits
Hazelnut cream-filled biscuits
Cocoa cream-filled biscuits
Apricot jam-filled biscuits
Apple jam-filled biscuits
Red berry-filled biscuits
I Florelli
I Cruschetti
I Cruschetti – 100% Farina integrale
Le Grigliette
Le Grigliette – Tubo
Le Margherelle
La Losanga
La Ruota
Croissants with custard cream filling
Croissants with apricot filling
Croissants with cherry filling
Croissants with chocolate cream filling
Traditional Croissants
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